Thursday, June 30, 2005

Lay Your Big Spike Down

With visiting nephews, my daily consumption has been impeded, and because it’s difficult I want it more. I’ve been rolling joints on my way home from work but by 8-9pm I’m needing another fix. Last night I went out front and smoked a roach as I was “getting something out of my car” (wink wink nudge nudge). Anyhow I came back in, only to find my nephews who I thought were asleep at the front door. “Do you smell that? They ask. Stoned, I replied,” What smell?!” Hoping they would give me a clue as to how much they know about marijuana smoke. It smells like the exhaust of a motorcycle. “Well a motorcycle did just pass by here.” I lied. They were satisfied and went back to their room, which did reek of the kind skunk roach I smoked. I laid down wondering about my poor neighbor whose windows are near the laundry room (where I usually puff at home). They get that smell 24/7 I wonder what they think the smell is. No one could possibly smoke that much?!?! I also wondered about keeping the big secret from my kids as they get older, deceitfulness has no place in any relationship. Smoking in the car is a time bomb, I can’t rely on that, did I tell you about the time I had to drive a fellow employee to get his car? That was too close and to this day I wonder if he knew what he was smelling but didn’t say anything,…don’t you hate that?

Monday, June 27, 2005

Jah Blessings

Summer is Here and the Time is Right,..for dancin' in the streets! I've been noticing a lot of Yin Yang things lately. Planting seeds need light to grow but darkness to sprout, fresh Green turns to black ash, pot smoking school administrator,....
I would bore you with my daily consumption herb herb and well,...more herb. In fact, I'm averaging 14 grams of buds and about 21 grams of shake for bhang each month. It's like part of my monthly bills I pay. Fortunately I have the connect who charges me cost which is often way subsidized,..I call it the brothren discount.
Well I was watching Step Into Liquid a surf video which has this part where this dude has surfed everyday for the last 15,000 days or so. He lived near Half Moon Bay and discussed his surfing obsession and the mental benefits,..his speech was really slow, like I thought "watch out for the brown acid" kind of slow. Anyhow, he had all his wax, wetsuits and surfboards since he has been surfing (30 years+). When he said he was a school custodian I thought we shared something together (working at a school) and while I haven't surfed everyday,....I slipped into a day dream high on bhang,...There I was on the silver screen, a movie about pot smoking,.."Yeah I've been high everyday for the last 20 years, here are all my bongs, pipes, one hitters, sneak-a-tokes, hookas, chillums, etc,....Yeah, getting high each day makes me connect with nature and really eases my soul, even the worse days are not so bad when you're super irie."
Perhaps text doesn't give my story justice without seeing the video,..go out and check it out!
Jah Blessings
Oh Yeah, I got so high on Bhang at Six Flags Marine World and it brought me back to the days of taking acid at Disneyland,...way fun.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Listen to Bob Marley

Communion with Bob Marley AKA Being present with Bob. I'm smoking a finely rolled spliff on the road home while Bob Marley is turned way up. I'm present. I notice the way the windows vibrate with the thick bass line. I think, "Gee this herb really isn't that stoney." As I continue to puff, I realize that it's been nearly a year since my speedometer stopped working. I get to wonderin' how fast I'm going or for that matter how slow I'm going. I get to thinking about the sound of a tree falling in a forest with no one around, and try to relate it to the speed I'm going if no one were around. I look down to realize that in my hand I still had hold of the spliff I had been smoking but, forgot I was smoking it, indeed I reassessed the herb as having some serious creeper qualities. My sense of time and space was extremely compromised and now without a speedometer or other cars around in this wide open country road, I was truly struggling. I thought, if I get pulled over I would have to guess, "Sorry officer, I guess I was going too,.....slow? fast?" Travelin' down the road not knowing the speed nor the risk but enjoying the ride. Jah Jah Live

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Sweet Leaf

Damn it's been a long time since I've logged in. I went through a month of sobriety (no drinking), that is, until this girl I know flew out from Englad to see me. She brought me wine from France and Scotch from Scotland. Surprisingly we didn't do that much drinking. In fact I didn't like how it made me feel after being sober that long. As fate would have it, I'm drinking again even though I realize it's too a lesser degree than months prior. The herb still flows and I enjoy that more than the booze. So that's where I'm at today.

Yesterday I went up to Big Bear to make an offer on a house. The place is unbelievable! Four bedrooms with twin masters, four bathrooms, a detached garage with a unit on top which also has a full bathroom. The place is tight and it's where I'm going to start my new business Sweet Leaf Adventures. I'll post a link to the photos once I download them to my computer. Naturally, I'm going to name my place The Sweet Leaf once I move my ass up there.

Thats about it for now. No anecdotes. No witty commentary.

JahJahFue is rockin this blog like a fucking seminar!! I love it!

Drug User

Friday, June 17, 2005

I think I'm on to something

I think I'm on to something after speaking with this nice couple who told me the story of being dreadheads who followed the Dead, then a local SO Cal band called cubinsis (Sp?), then they were doing Rainbow gatherings. Nothing surprising so far!?! Well the story goes on to the metamorphosis stage of cutting the dreads and trying to fit into society. They both have struggled adapting to the strains of finding work and making a living. Recounting my own Grateful Dead experience, I remember when Jerry died I basically, said to myself, o.k. now it's time to finish school and get a real job, tens years of slinging burritos and cold beer was over! So there was my own transition and infiltration into the system which still continues to be a long strange trip. While I can see the part about selling your soul to capitalism, I also see it as a growing period in which the byproduct is change and change comes in all kinds of ridiculous packaging, from short hair punching the clock to getting trapped into conversations in which the person speaking to you assumes that you are conservative, Christian and Republican!
Stress from this transition brings one back to the old ways,....and there is a lot of stress in this transition,...old ways,....packing the bong and taking bong hits until you forget where you work!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Monday Conversations

O.k. so I consume mass quantities over the weekend and then Monday morning hits. I'm on and in demand and having to be sober while people converse I watch like television wondering if they know that I'm only watching not really listening, my mind is thinking about their necklace and how it came to be, or their spouse and what it would be like to be trapped with such a person. I think, this is an aquarium full of strange specimens,...survive at all costs. By Friday I'm ready to listen, I'm in better shape and in good spirits as the weekend awaits.
Up until then I'm just watching and my mind is all over the place.

Too baked to write

It's been a while since I've entered anything here. That is because I have been too baked to write as I push the limits of my marijuana consumption. Over the weekend I drank so much bhang that I literally passed out for three hours during mid day. Mostly it's been herb but alcohol sneaks in now and again. I visited Santa Cruz and just had to drink a Pale Ale from Seabright brewery. I had a BBQ yesterday with this clan of alcoholic school administrators. No I didn't want to drink but you would be seen as a communist if you didn't, besides it's hard enough being vegetarian with this crowd let alone sober! So I drank two beers,...and was forced to have a margarita. In the past, I would have welcomed to have all this free alcohol but now I hate it and I especially hate how I cave to such peer pressure. Also I would have bought a beer at the store to drink while I drove home, but this time around all I thought about was how when I got home I would smoke mass amounts of green bud to overcome the slight buzz of alcohol. Funny thing about the BBQ, I saw this bowl of chocolate covered something, so I ate a couple, I recognized the flavor but it somehow registered under a nut, it wasn't until my third handful of these chocolates that I realized they were chocolate covered coffee beans!! When all the alcohol and herb wore off I woke up and here I am,....2:30am on a work night, wide awake, totally sober,...well I'll fix that, I'll smoke up a storm aimlessly do unimportant Internet research then try to crash by 3am.
Gotta go, my bong is calling!