Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Listen to Bob Marley

Communion with Bob Marley AKA Being present with Bob. I'm smoking a finely rolled spliff on the road home while Bob Marley is turned way up. I'm present. I notice the way the windows vibrate with the thick bass line. I think, "Gee this herb really isn't that stoney." As I continue to puff, I realize that it's been nearly a year since my speedometer stopped working. I get to wonderin' how fast I'm going or for that matter how slow I'm going. I get to thinking about the sound of a tree falling in a forest with no one around, and try to relate it to the speed I'm going if no one were around. I look down to realize that in my hand I still had hold of the spliff I had been smoking but, forgot I was smoking it, indeed I reassessed the herb as having some serious creeper qualities. My sense of time and space was extremely compromised and now without a speedometer or other cars around in this wide open country road, I was truly struggling. I thought, if I get pulled over I would have to guess, "Sorry officer, I guess I was going too,.....slow? fast?" Travelin' down the road not knowing the speed nor the risk but enjoying the ride. Jah Jah Live


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