Sunday, May 29, 2005

New Leaf

Attending perhaps the greatest party ever, I found myself in a weird space of old drinking buddies from the days of the Dead. I couldn't resist the pull of the free Local Organic Ale but when asked the third time if I wanted to dose I said,"To go!" I was feeling paranoid, lots of cameras and videos capturing the moment, I supposed it was just the age of information creeping into ho downs. The camping scene reminded me of the good old days of tripping and drinking like a fish all night long. This was the blast from the past, it couldn't be cooler, the headlining band was a dead cover band. Everybody dancing,...
Except me, I couldn't go back to the past no matter how good it looked, it looked bad in many other ways, it looked stagnant. I didn't even want to hang there as I looked around at all the folks whose lives were on hold.


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