Sunday, April 24, 2005

Free Tea See Me Be

When Pete's decided to celebrate its' anniversary by giving out free tea and coffee they probably didn't anticipate people like myself to spend an entire weekend taking bonghits, gulping down Bhang, and ordering free tea. I was even bringing my kid in there with me so that I could double fist the hot pots of loose tea. "Yeah, I'll take the Russian Black and my son will take Assam Golden Tip." Then I hook him up with the free chocolate and water while I drink my tea which my wife describes as nothing more than a vehicle to consume sugar and milk. Every chance I had I'ld say, "Let's go back to Pete's then maybe that store will be open, let's put our name on the wait list then go to Pete's, hey let's go to Pete's and call it lunch!" It didn't matter that I went in there fifty times, it was all free! It was made even better when the local health food store decided to celebrate Earth Day by having a reggae band play for free in its' parking lot. If that wasn't enough you could go in and graze the endless free samples throughout the store!
We have been on this Jack Johnson Marathon, even our four year old has his favorite Jack Johnson songs. His music is sweet and makes you feel all thiry-something.
Current drug of choice: Herb and Black tea
Current Book: Holidays on Ice - David Sedaris
Current Favorite DVD: Thicker Than Water

Weekend Total: Roughly 3.5 grams of herb - Bhang and Bonghits.


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