Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Meanwhile, I haven't drank alcohol since the day after my puking out the car door incident. But I didn't even flinch when I bought my monthly supply of 25 grams of herb. It wasn't the amount, it was the price. You got to love it to know a big herb dealer for decades, they don't even really know how to charge you so I get a good deal always. This time the herb was even better than the last time, light green crystalized and stinky seedless. After getting the stuff I went to search out papers only to strike out in two stores before finding a tabacco store. I go in to get my papers when I recognize a parent from the school I work at. It was awkward but fortunately we had gotten high together on two occasions so it was no big deal. Hemp rolling papers please! I call out to the Indian man running the store. It was a good thing that I knew the parent, he is the only one who knows that I at least get high now and again. Speaking of which I rolled a spliff while driving down from the foothills and smoked it to my head by the time I got out of the mountains. I was baked, reeking, and feeling good. I thought about the special skills I had, rolling doobies while driving, opening beer caps with lighters and spoons, avoiding the pitfalls of my own addiction. I got home just in time for my wife and I to get high (via glass bong hits of the fresh herb) together, we sat together watching our kids do a talent show (playing yo yos and lip synching Jack Johnson) then we all watched Thicker Than Water it's a nice and stoney surf video.
Happiness is a visit to your man, stoking you out with some kind kind, and bringing it home to share the irie vibration.


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