Saturday, April 16, 2005


I went to Oakland Colusium to see a Wiggles show. I thought it would be nice to see a live show with my kids completely sober, but the Oakland Colusium brought up too many Grateful Dead memories for me to be sober. Consequently, I downed a batch of Bhang and by showtime, I had the familar buzz, the perma grin, but the dead didn't come out, instead it was a group from Austrila, singing kids songs. We weren't on Phil side but they were floor seats. There was no intermission to lose your mind just a straight two hour set with 22 songs. I wrote them down religiously as if I was keeping up with a Dead Show. My God they played Fruit Salad right into Where's Jeff?! Did I hear a Stairway to Heaven tease?!?! I was in my own world.
My kids rushed the stage and moshed with the other toddlers, fortunately dear wife was with them as I melted to the floor somewhere around song number 9. We drove straight back home after the show, no shakedown street, no hippies asking for free stuff, just a bunch of yuppy middle class white people, looked like a mini van convention leaving the place!
My kids had a blast, we talked about going on Wiggle Tour just on the West coast but wasn't sure if they were playing different songs at each venue, then figured that veggie burrittos wouldn't go over too well, oh well, we'll just have to miss the rest of this tour perhaps they'll come back soon.


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