Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Still Sober,..kind of

Of the five new year's resolutions I made, I have good on two of them still. No drinking with an open container and no drinking coffee. The coffee is the hardest because it's all around and I love the bean, the open container one only comes up now and then when I'm driving home after a long day at work and my stomach is grinding from drinking tea all day and I want to switch gears before I get home.
Lately I've been drinking less and ingesting more. Last weekend I ate so much ganja food and drink that I swear my stools smelled like herb! The problem with ganja food and drink is that I usually can't talk with people while under the influence, so I avoid people which makes me more and more fit the type of druggie you only hear about. I haven't gotten to hiding under the bed when company drops by, I certainly feel the effort it takes to get out.
A good friend came by this weekend, I haven't seen him in five years. Now we both had two kids and became fathers. His big trip was that,"Once my daughter was born I decided not to party as much or smoke herb." I said,"Once the second one was born I decided to stay stoned every spare breath!" Well, it turned out that I found myself sneaking away to fill my bong throughout the weekend and being so loaded on ganja food that I probably wasn't making much sense anymore. But I cherished the fact that I was a laid back parent who enjoyed being with my kids and giving them my stoneyass attention. The sober friend on the otherhand, had an edge on him that had a tendency to micro manage every move. He was bitchy, irritable, and controlling. I thought how we had changed from the fun loving single dead heads to the married with children adults. He grew up and took on life in a new and serious manner, and I stayed the same and got lucky. Lucky to have great entertaining children who know more Bob Marley songs than your traditional row row row your boat kind of songs, a challenging career which pays the bilss and allows my wife to stay at home, and a wife who knows me, takes care of me and sees the importance of keeping my herb jar full.
I'm far from sober, but sober enough to know that I'm blessed.


Blogger BUBBA said...


I'm on my 9th week of no booze & I gotta say: I see the beauty in the ganj! No hangovers... No barfing.... no violence in public.... no black outs... a natural and peaceful alternative to drinking.

Eating it is the BEST!


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