Sunday, February 27, 2005

from green to grey

Thats how it starts. You get drunk and then you smoke. Nice green bud to the grey ashes of the last bowl. Or rather that's how I've been doing it lately. If I'm sober then I know it's stupd for me to smoke because of those delicate lungs of mine. But I love it. For what it's worth. Today I hung out with my dad. We went to a car show in Temecula. I wish I had drove my 64 Corvair. It's dialed in but there a are just a few things I need to take of before I take it to car shows. I'm a perfectionist. If I'm going to hang my car out there it should be dialed in.

Anyway, today I've had about 4 huge glasses of wine while I ate dinner with my dad and my cousin. I made my dad drive home because knowing my luck I would have been pulled over and taken to jail, especially in Huntington Beach. Those cops are homos. Not even in the cool, fun, fabulous, gay sense. The cops just plain SUCK. They are a bunch of rookies who love to kick the shit out of harmless white boys. I see them as wannabe action heros who do nothing but bring people down rather than rally for the good of the people.

Fuck 'em. They'll do it their way, whatever...

So after my pops drove me home we sat in my roommates room and I asked my friend to load a bowl while we watched the lame Acadamy Awards. Chris Rock was sooo fucking sensored!!! I love this country but at the same time, this country sucks!!! Everythihng from radio and television is now run through a huge FCC filter. This filter is elected by 'we the people' and sadly executed in our courts and justice systems.... and you know what? No one does anything about it. All because of Janet's tit coming out? There are billions of people who have had to suck on their mothers tit just to survive. What is the big deal now? People are so uptight... but they are also just complacent.

I want to tell you about drugs but I need to tell about a whole lot more than what I can now... I'm drunk and I have had more to drink than what I can now write about. Incognition is now in full effect. I'm wasted. Let me be free......


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