Thursday, February 24, 2005

Double standard double life

I had a weird day yesterday. Maybe it was the gonzo spirit drifting throughout the universe, or perhaps just the fullness of the moon. None the less it began with this kid getting busted for checking out porn on the Internet. While I was lecturing the kid, I was recalling the time when I got busted checking out porn on the internet. I wanted to say, it's o.k. now but later in life it could cost you your marriage! Later the same day, I was presenting my case in a formal expulsion hearing for the two kids who brought marijuana to school. Shame shame, I want these kids out of my school! While thinking what a shame, the herb wasn't even worth smoking (or pinching) and also thinking how I can't wait until this is over because I was ready to pack a bowl myself (you know with all this Marijuana talk) and I did, with some kind bud for the drive home.
24 oz of Sierra Nevada
One fresh bowl of kind Northern Cali Bud (Approximately 6 hits)
one vicodin


Blogger Drug User said...

The following is about Hunter S. Thompson during his rebellious high school years.

"At the age of 17, he was sentenced to 60 days in the Louisville children's centre for armed robbery. Refused permission to take his final examinations, he did not graduate from high school. On his release from juvenile detention after 30 days, he bought a case of beer and threw one bottle at a time through the window of the school superintendent who had blocked his return to school."

Just think, the next Hunter S. Thompson could be hurling bottles through your window.

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