Saturday, January 15, 2005

Drunk burning eyes looking skyward

I went on a 26 mile bike ride today. It was a fucking asskicker seeing as though I haven't been riding since October. Additionally I had worked out hard yesterday so I was super sore. By the end of the ride today I was ready to do two things. Eat and sleep. I did both. When I woke up I wanted sushi. After much solicitation I found some subjects to indulge with me.

Once at the sushi place, 3 22oz beers were ordered and a large saki to split between all of us. We nursed our beers and ordered food. Then we ordered one 22oz beer to split it between the three of us. After dinner, then my cousin bought 4 22oz Sapporo's from the liquor store. She was so kind as to snap open a cold one and begin pouring the fragile golden liquid into my pint glass for us. Bless her. Later on we took a few shots of whiskey each and drank more beer...

Now I sit alone. Alone again. Like the day I was born in the quiet rumble of my mothers cervix before I was projected into this dimension of the universe.

To all... good night brethren. May many blessings be bestowed upon you...



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