Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Holiday Drunk

Last Thursday I dropped off Emma at the airport. She stayed with me for three weeks. The day after I picked her up from LAX we held a Christmas/Birthday party for Emma and Halley. I must have drank about 2 beers before the party followed by 5 pint glasses of gin and tonics. Later that night snuck off to my room while we busted out some 1995 vintage champagne that she brought back from France. Before I lost consciousness I remember having sex with her against my bedroom door while people knocked on my door to fetch their coat.

Trying to track my consumption after that day is near impossible due to the mere quantity that was consumed during the three weeks. But hey, I'll do my best!

We traveled to Baja and stayed five days at this place called Guadalupe Canyon hot springs located out in the middle of nowhere. We drank every day. Before we took off I packed a small cooler containing 1 Sapporo, 1 chocolate stout, 5 Sam Adams holiday beers. That doesn't include the 8 32oz Pacificos and 3 22oz Yellowtail Ales that I purchased from Arturo's makeshift cantina in my best Spanish. Emma brought several bottles of wine a couple bottles of champagne and some French Armagnac. On Christmas we bypassed coffee and toasted with several Pacifico's with a sqeeze of lime. On our way back, after my long and tedious drive through the Mexicali border and a wicked neck/back pain that turned me into an instant asshole, I arrived home only to pop two vicoden and washed it down with several gin and tonics. I felt so much better.

Over the next few days we geared up and went shopping for some warm clothing. Our next journey was Big Bear. Emma had never been to the mountains or in the deep snow before. But the real shopping happened when we hit Trader Joe's to stock up on more booze. 1 bottle of whiskey, 5 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of champagne. This was for our three night stay on Big Bear lake. We went snowboarding, got drunk and brought in the New Year in style.

After a long journey home from the mountains I decompressed and over the next few days we peppered our days with more booze topping it out with our last night together. Thats where we bought 3 bottles of wine after watching a movie called "Sideways". If you're lucky you can still find it in theatres - I would totally recommend it. That's what inspired buying the three bottles of wine and the other bottle of whiskey.

When I dropped her off at the airport I became sad. So when I got home I drank the rest of the wine left in the house, took a vicoden and passed out....

I hate goodbyes...


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