Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Nicaraga Rum

I remember this drunk dude from South Carolina who was visiting Costa Rica and sitting near us at this restuarant. Soliciting small talk we asked the man, "what is good here?" He holds up this glass, I mean glass full of rum and he slurrs, this rum from Nicaraga, it's the smoothist rum I've ever tasted! To that end I found and bought the same rum at the Duty Free store on our way out of Costa Rica. I'm not one to drink liquor straight up, but damn, this is smoothe rum, so smoothe in fact, I simply splash the coke on top and all I taste is coke and lime. Last night I finally said fuck I can't make the drink strong enough! So I tried it straight up,..smoothe but still liquor,...no can do. I'm already jonsing for when I'm out of this rum, which at my current trend should be the end of this week, as I've been hitting the harder stuff lately, in the form of Rum and Coke, mmmmmmmmmm so good! Last night's total two tall and strong rum and cokes, they were like a muscle relaxer, coupled with 5 bts, bliss!


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