Friday, January 14, 2005

Jesus Juice

It's friday night. I couldn't even say I worked today. One thing I fucking love about working for myself. I wake up at 6:30, go to the gym, come home and shower. Make oatmeal. Check email. The housecleaners come and kick us out of the office. To busy myself I got the crew's bikes ready to go riding tomorrow. Went to lunch with Biff, Vicky and Michelle. Drove by storage and then Trader Joe's to buy 3 bottles of wine. Chateau St. Jean - Pinot Noir, Rosemount - Shiraz, and Santa Christina - Toscana Sangiovese were my choices. All very good wines. After TJ's I bolted to my bank and stood in line to deposit my check. While I waited in line I watch a guy about my age try and reel in his wandering daughter. He would persitently say "No! Don't do that..." when she began hanging on the elastic ropes that corral the people into the lines. When he had seen enough "monkeying around' he went up to her and pulled her hair, jerking her head back. This made her cry. Maybe not cry so much as whimper. Then he scolded her in the quietest manner possible. I couldn't help but wonder what life at home was like for this little girl. After the bank I stood in line at Fry's Electronics to exchange a data cable I had bought in October. Fry's has a 30 day return policy and it was now 90 days after my purchase. I explained that I asked my secretary to exchange it awhile back but now that she is no longer working for me I had to exchange it myself. They ended up giving my store credit. A close friend had given me a $50 gift certificate for christmas to our local bike shop. So after fry's I ended up going by there and purchasing some new pedals. They aren't just pedals they're Crank Bros. pedals.

Now I sit here polishing off a bottle of Chateau St. Jean. I love Jesus Juice!! I'm sure Michael Jackson would be proud.

Update: My sister was let out of the hospital even though she was at harm to other and herself. Great job county!!!


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