Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Where is the wine?

Damn I'm craving some wine right now. It's my thrid day without a drink. There's no wine in the house. But there's a bottle of whiskey on top of the fridge. Whiskey is not on my mind but the wine is something different. My favorites as of late can be found at Trader Joe's. There's a nice Italian wine called Santa Christina that is delicious. Then if you're going for organic wines I would recommend the Boneterra, which, once you let it breathe, it opens up and is real nice. My staple as of last week and the week after has been the Rosemount, Shiraz. It's made in Australia. Some of the blends they make are okay but I'm not big on blends. If you just want to get drunk and drink wine without analysing it, go for the Two Buck Chuck $1.99 (Charles Shaw). I bought two cases in late October and drank it all by the end of November. So much for wine...

Well I've eaten now and suddenly my alcohol craving has been replaced by fullness. I suppose that's the key - eat steamed veggies and fruit to replace the craving. We'll see how it goes once I hit the weekend. Damn! Why does everyone have to drink? That's a loaded question that I can answer many different ways. But I'll leave it at that for now.

Until next time my drug using friends.


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