Monday, January 24, 2005

Heroic doses

This weekend I was swimming in liquor. Friday the proveribial gun was cocked and loaded. I was ready for the week to come to a close and I was ready for sushi and beers. My neck was hurting and I have been on this strict diet consuming less than 1900 calories a day. At the sushi restaurant I drank down 2 Sapporos and 2 oz Saki but that's not including the Vicoden I popped before hand. When I got home I poured 1 glass of wine and followed it up with a couple glasses of whiskey. Mind you I had to get up at 4 AM to go snowboarding the following morning.

Saturday I barely woke up feeling very tired due to getting to bed late. Anyway I snowboarded from 7:30 AM to 12:00 noon before heading back home. I showered and crashed out for a couple hours. My motivation level was low because I was still wiped out from snowboarding and all I wanted was to spend a mellow evening alone. After waking up I made some food and uncorked the wine from the night before - there was still a whole bottle left. I emptied the bottle while I watched Supersize Me with my room mate. After finishing the wine I moved onto the whiskey and poured some into the wine glass I had rinsed out. Then the phone rang. It was my cousin. She and her boyfriend were on their way over with beers. After about 5-6 oz's of whiskey they arrived and handed me a beer. I was definitely beginning to lose a sense of coordination and time. They suggested going out for some mexican food so I went along with them. Once there I ordered a margarita and a burrito. I was so fucking full from that burrito I felt like I was going to vomit just to lose some of the mass I had just consumed. I never got sick. I lose all sequence of events after that point and wondered what I had done the night before. Sunday would be different with no alcohol - right? Wrong.

After sleeping in till noon I got up to shower and did some grocery shopping to replenish the healthy food supply. At Trader Joe's I broke down and bought two bottles of wine. That night I polished off a bottle effortlessly. I refrained from moving into the realm of whiskey or beers. Instead I loaded up a bong and took two rips. I hadn't smoked for a few weeks. I rarely smoke but I must say that afterward I lost all desire for alcohol.

When will this end? I have seriously been thinking of going to a hypnotist to have my desire to drink alcohol removed. That seems so un-natural in a strange way but I know if it can help me be more productive what can hurt?

Well gents, swill a couple for me this evening.

Drug User


Blogger BUBBA said...

fuck you Drug User.
I raise my 22 to you.

at least you dont take pills - huh?

hey, ask youself this question: when was the last time you listened to a full KISS album??? Yeah. Fockin KISS!!! The KISS ARMY
I suggest you put on "Love Gun" right fockin now!

and another thing... who's goin to BURNING MAN this year dammit???
If anyone is not going, then they need to seriously evaluate the reasons WHY they are not going. Both DRUG USER and JAH JAH FUE should be going with me this year. It's important. We NEED it. We NEED to go!!!!

Death to all boring life!
"Follow your Bliss!"


8:27 PM  
Blogger jahjahfue said...

Drug user, hypontist put you in a trace, make you do the chicken for their own tricks, then convince you to set another apointment, then program you to feel happy, satisfied and true to yourself we you drink again.
Bubba, I'm a burning man virgin, but I'm also a married man with two kids. We hit the Oregon Country Fair each year outside of Eugene in July, it's a blast.

11:10 PM  

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