Saturday, February 05, 2005

A cure for the common cold

I think the continual use strengthens the immune system, that's why when I'm full blow sick and take the day off work I have a healthy dose of pot butter and swigs of chilled Sake (Bubba inspired no less) and a 22 oz beer by noon. I finish the day off with bong hits of the super chronic kind. The result, more congestion and sore throat but feeling good so good layed up on the couch watching a Eupore 72 Grateful bootleg DVD. I've heard what makes you sick makes you better, I say don't stop tell you get enough and too much of everything is just enough. It's particular tough right now with a case of Fat tire, quarter of kind bud, and I figured out how to burn DVDs, I really wish I could shoot a Independent movie on life right now, it may not cure the common cold but would definetely make you feel better.

“Sometimes I wish I’d went through those good times stone cold sober so I could remember everything. But then again, if I had been sober the good times probably wouldn’t have been worth remembering.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald


Blogger Sam said...

there's someone out there who reads this blog religously...where are you guys?

9:07 PM  
Blogger jahjahfue said...

Sam, we are everywhere! We are you and you are us. Maslow missed the basic need of intoxication. Intoxication comes in many forms from TVs to BTs from roller coasters to chicken buses.

12:50 PM  

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