Thursday, March 03, 2005

The taste of sapphire

Failure is the mindset for failures. I've yeilded one day of sobriety for the month of March. Last night I couldn't help it. Our friend came over and he had recently broken his hand by punching a wall. This guy is the most non-violent guy I know, so that, in and of itself is puzzling. Anyway, there I was reading up on investing with my door ajar. I could hear him in the kitchen asking my roommate if there was any munchies in the house. Then he said something unintelligible and all I heard was Vicodin. At that moment I leapt from my bed opened the door and marched down the hall. I said. "did I hear something about Vicodin?" He started laughing. Then my roomate interjected and said our buddy has a scrip for Vicodin due to the broken hand. So now we are paying him to fill his scrip so me and my roommate can split it. Our friend said he usually throws his pills in the garbage, especially vicodin. I was aghast. He assured us he would fill it so we could buy it off him.

So last night I chewed my last vicodin, as is customary. I call it "the crusher." Basically I break down the pill in either two spoons or simply bite it into chunks with my teeth, washing it down with a gin and tonic. Last night there was no gin and tonic so I settled for water and bong hits. I did research until midnight.

Tonight was the night we were supposed to get our vicodins. We waited. And waited. Finally our friend called and told us he was in Santa Monica and he was taking his girlfriend out for her b-day dinner. We tried to get him to take her to a drive-thru so we could get our shit faster. No such luck. Instead I am imbibing in a gin and tonic minus the magical accompaniment I had been anticipating. Perhaps I'll have a few BT's tonight for good measure.


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