Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Function of Work

I need to work, in fact I work two jobs. I don't drink or smoke herb while at work, it's just impossible and the demands of my cognitive functioning skills are always in demand, not to mention the demand of effective communication skills. To this end, work prevents me from drinking and smoking herb which when working lates cuts down on my overall intake. Granted some nights I get home and I'm stressed so I partake but mostly I'm exhausted so I get home and sleep. Yesterday was a completely sober day, even though each time I woke up to go to the bathroom I had the urge to smoke a couple bonghits as if in my brain considers smoke bonghits as one of many daily tasks to do. I got to thinking I too can go sober if I simply work a lot, but life is too short to work so much. Weekends I find myself waking and baking, having pot butter on my toast and waiting until noon to start drinking all the while, consuming massive amounts of caffiene in the form of green and black teas. During the weekdays when things get busy, it serves the purpose of offseting the overall average.

Monday: one bowl of fresh green bud
Tuesday: Nothing

I still have kept two out of the five new years resolutions: don't drink (have an open container) and drive* and no coffee. * I can be legally intoxicated while driving, and even smoke while driving but NO OPEN containers.

PS DrugUser: Good luck of the Month of March especially around the 17th. I say give up hard liquor for a month, instead of strict sobriety.


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