Monday, February 28, 2005


Today was weird. My alarm went off at 4AM as it was set for my Saturday wake up call. Fumbling with my atrophied fist I hit the button and reset my alarm. Then I had client difficulties once I began work. By the time it was past 5:30 I decided to have a glass of bourbon. It's now 10:00 and I have finished the bottle and tapped into my, once full, flask. No night of drinking would be the same without a sudden decision to smoke weed even though the smoke irritates my lungs and causes me to wheeze like did during my bout with childhood of asthma.

Today I learned that it's best to be an asshole that is respected than just a plain asshole. I didn't really learn that but it's what I typed and it somehow sounds good like I somehow actually did have a lesson I could have learned today. What I really want to do is to listen to jazz and go to bed. It's my time.

6 glasses of bourbon
2 bowls = 6 bong hits
2 mugs of coffee

Good night all (and welcome agentofdischord)



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