Friday, March 04, 2005


At this very moment I am very wasted. If anyone reads this, please call to make sure I am still alive. Today I went snow boarding. We started around 8:30, ate and drank my first 16oz Hefenwizen around 10:00. After getting back to the slopes I ate shit hard, falling on my already damaged rib. I went on two more runs and called it a day (around 11:30). My ribs hurt when I walked and when my heart would beat. So I changed into some comfortable clothes and then went up to the lodge and ordered another Hefenwizen while my friend snowboarded more. Before leaving the mountain I verified that I was indeed getting some vicodin tonight. So on the way out of town I loaded a fresh bowl and took a big cougher off the pipe.

Once home I took two vicodin, made about 3 pints gin and tonics and then took two large BT's. I'm fucked up now. I pray I make it through the night.

One of the contributors may want to contact me to do a pulse check...


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