Friday, April 08, 2005

Bhang Bhang

I like to measure the herb in Bhang in a way that would suggest me smoking the same amount, so if I used enough to roll a joint and made bhang with it then the total liquid amount would equal the high comparable to a joint, in other words there is no clear way to measure Bhang and you never really know how strong it is, until usually you have consumed too much and it hits you like a frieght train.
Grind the herb in a coffee grinder for optimal results, however I have just broken up bud with my fingers and it still worked. The amount again is up to you, I say a minimum of a joint's worth and granted, not all herb was created equal. Put the herb in enough water to simmer for 5-9 minutes without it drying up into sludge. More water just means more to drink, it doesn't hurt to put too much but too little can create some impleasant odors in the kitchen (as it burns the pan!)
Then add milk or soymilk, I always use soy milk but found regular milk to work way better. I uausally never drink milk and so I preferred the flavor of the soymilk but the effects seemed stronger with milk, and rightfully so, milk has way more fat than soymilk and fat is what the THC binds with. I also put in a table spoon or two of liquid Lithicin (Sp?) not mandatory but it adds to the fat levels and it's good for you brain food.
Gently Simmer the milk/water/herb mixure for 10-15 minutes
Add a tea bag, or chop up some ginger and make a chai tasting drink or leave it plain which is an aquired taste. First timers I recommend a nice strong black tea (hippie speedball).
When that's done you are done. You can drink it all down or put it in a jar and sip it for days out of the refrigerator.
As always I recommend a lot of herb (like enough to roll about three joints) just to make it really strong, that way you can get the dosage down to a single gulp.
The beauty is that if you drink too much you just go to sleep. The drink does make my eyes way blazed, so if you are planning to be out in public high as a kite I recommend Clear eyes or Visine. It's my drug of choice because it's discrete and strong enough to feel like the serious opiate. I recommend trying it on a weekend day that you plan on communing with nature. Drinking it at night is a waste and often leaves you groggy in the morning. Also drink with caution, you can always drink more and remember that ingesting herb takes time, I can't tell you how many times I drank twice the amount that I had earlier ingested only to feel it right after taking the second dose!
I successfully attended a drinking social function without drinking alcohol. Even after the chairperson said, well lets get you a beer or something. I felt like a sissy drinking my iced tea, but a real man for having it in me to say not yet. (note: "Not yet" allows for no guilt when I do go back to it) I've noticed no significant difference not drinking, I still crave beer when I get hungry, but enjoy the money saving of not drinking, of course I do not see extra money I just know that I'm not blowing roughly 35 bucks a week on alcohol. Now if we could legalize herb, the outrageous price would go down and I would be one hell of a happy camper!

Jah Blessings
I-Tinually ever fearful ever sure


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks very much amigo. I will have to use this new method to replace the bourbon and beer.

- Drug User

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