Thursday, April 14, 2005

Don't Try No Doze, Keep a Klean Nose

When I was a kid I liked to explore. I also liked to go to extremes, like seeing how many laps I could swim underwater without taking a breath. Thrills were intoxicating, from boogie boarding Pipeline to taking three foot bong hits at the summit of Mt. Shasta. My experiences lended me well in a humanistic psychology college course, when I argued that Maslow missed an important human need within us all. Food, Water, Shelter, and intoxication. Yeah that's right we all have a need for a diversion from reality, which is viewed as an intoxicating state of mind. Well I enjoy diversions whenever possible, and when I was offered a "class 4"? Substance today at work, I didn't flinch. It was a prescribed pill that was described as an "appetite suppressant" and recommended only taking half and see how that goes. All because she said I looked tired I have something that can help. I was thinking my tired look had more to do with taking 15 bonghits late the night before trying to come down off the copious amounts of Black Tea. Anyhow, I break it front of her and swallow it down only to complete the other half the minute she left, this time grinding it down to a paste and washed down with Black Tea. By noon I was figuring out the reasons why this colleague talks up a storm. They are on this, floaty speed all day. And what a wonderful place to be! At work! How can I help you? Have a Great day! This job rocks! Great to meet you and thank you for your support! I had turned into one of those,......talkers, you know they don't stop and you wonder if they know that they are dominating the conversation?! On and On,...I couldn't help myself, and then the product, I was jamming, multi squared tasking cranking out work. By the end of the day, I worked two hours over! Organizing my office space! Then at 6pm I leave I eat solid food for the first time after taking four bong hits to come down. Feelings speedy is fun but hard having it run it's course through your body. I think, I picked a great time to go dry, a cold beer would surely,,.....the longer I go the longer I feel it's gravitational pull, so here I sit, listening to a bootleg show from 1976 of Neil Young with Crazy Horse,..taking beyond-counting number of bong hits, rambling,...


Blogger Sam said...

My caffeine intake is very low. One sunday morning I showed up for my brunch shift (I'm a waitress) feeling hungover. I took two Excedrin, which contains caffeine, drank two large cups of Mountain Dew, and topped it off with coffee. I was so hopped up! Long story short, I made bank in tips that day. Apparently, I'm Super Server when I'm all jazzed up on caffeine.

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