Friday, April 22, 2005

a 420 to remember to forget

I wouldn't expect 420 to have gained so much popularity. Last April 20th the day at work was spent chaisng downs rumors of kids smoking pot, bring pot to school and those sent to the office for writing marijuana related poetry and/or 420 on their hands. It was a coming out party, I smoke pot, you smoke pot, lets party later! The irony of course was that I was the biggest pot smoker of them all!,...drugs are bad mmm o.k. So when I was tipped off that their was pot in the girls bathroom, I was all over it. I discovered a baggie and an altoids container full of nice sticky smelly dark green nuggets. The nano second decsion I made was to recover the baggie and bring it back but pocket the altoids container altogether. Way sketchy, but the opportunity to smoke a different strain was overpowering my morals and ethics. Later that day, being late (it was 4:45) I proceeded to drive home. Being much skilled at the art, I tore the sticky bud apart and rolled a number for the road while driving. Once I completed a nice tight joint I looked in my rearview mirror to make sure noone was looking as I lit up but there it was, not a cop, but my boss! Oh the chances of that happening, good thing I didn't light up right then. Once he turned off to his house, I lit to fine doob and got real high way before I was half way through. It was a slight creeper but really packed the full body high wallup. I got home and shared with my wife how painful it was to flush the remaining buds that were in the baggie down the toilet, then I busted out the altoids container, she was pleased and took a few bts herself. We celebrated 420, blasting Jack Johnson and dancing the night away. It was weird to smoke someone elses herb, because I am used to smoking the same strain from the same person who knows the details of the production process (norcal indough). But like water who quiches the thrist of everyone, despite who they are or what they do for a living. In my world Herb heals the soul no matter who smokes it or where it came from.


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