Thursday, May 26, 2005

Who's Counting

Back in the day, it was unique to see all that was consumed. Lately, it would be a bit boring as all I do now is get high by smoking and/or ingesting herb. In fact, I pretty much stay that way during non-work hours. However, when it get's stressful as it does during this time of year, I just party right through it, true pro. The other day, I used up the rest of my soymilk to make the weekend bhang, so on Monday when I needed cream in my Green Tea I used the last of my weekend bhang. Now weekend bhang is quite a mix, capable of downing a large animal, this elixir always has the heavy duty tranquilizing effect. Well even in tiny amounts I found myself with a nice steady high all day. Other than forgetting what the fuck I was saying midway through the day went quite well. Things are as they are, stress only on those things you have control over, it was beautiful having a perma-grin all day thinking these deep thoughts. It's too bad the rest of the world could have felt as I did on that day. I guarantee you that we would find world peace and productivity would actually increase because we wouldn't spend all our time bickering and back stabbing. Well it's a nice thought, but until that day there's gonna be war!


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