Monday, May 16, 2005


Almost a year ago we received this tincture that was supposedly made out of a bunch of herb and put in a glycerin base. It tasted sweet and a whole lot like Ganja but it was only able to reach the "kind of, sort of, high," level. So I bailed on it but then I saw it recently and decided to take it with me on a fieldtrip to this rollercoaster park. Well, it seemed to work better than I had recalled. Perhaps at the time, I was consuming mass quantities this killer Oregon bud and the point of reference was a bit off. Needless to say, it worked and I had to think what a pro I am to think of the tincture on a school fieldtrip! I was able to to tolerate lasting conversations about cheerleading and No Child Left Behind, while being trapped on a school bus for three hours! I had the most magical moments in the butterfly house! And when my eyes turned blazed, I blamed it on allergies, put on my shades and turned on the ipod nice and loud.
Still no alcohol, but setting new ganja consumption records. I got so high over the weekend drinking green tea and bhang that I felt as if I were taking serious nitrous hits as I blew bubbles for my kids.


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