Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Northern California Driving

There is something to be said about driving in Northern California. I first discovered its uniqueness when I had a friend be in utter disbelief that I would give up driving with an open container for a News Years resolution. He said,"Dude I couldn't even imagine driving with an open container in my town (which by Nor Cal standards is actually a "city".) So why is it so easy? Imagine flat straight roads with excellent visibility, now imagine hardly no lights nor traffic. Now add hardly no cops, just occasional sheriffs who are fighting the Meth War and care less about doing a Highway Patrol job. The only time I got pulled over, I explained that I was also in the business of serving the community and he said, "Sounds good to me." and he let me go. The conditions lend itself well with the ability to engage in multi-task behavior while driving. Some worry about talking on cell phones while driving, hell I'm talking on my phone, jotting down notes of things to do, reading the paper, changing cds, scanning the horizon for cops and slow cars, eating breakfast, studying the bug spats on my windshield, and admiring the landscape- the full moon rising as the sun is simultaneously setting. All this activity while I drive without thought or effort often ending up at my destination wondering, "How did I get here so fast, I don't even remember driving?!" So open containers are out but the obvious loophole to the resolution is that I can still drive with a packed bowl which leads to deep thoughts over math word problems such as: If Car A was traveling 45 miles at 60 mph through a couple towns with stops signs and carB took a 50 mile route at speeds up to 90mph without stop signs, which car would arrive first? I've been both carA and carB before. If I'm too high, I choose the routes that involve the fewest number of turns and stops, which is a choice that most folks don't have.

People do lose their lives on the roads out here, they try to pass in the oncoming lane without proper judgement. Some simply drift off the road or onto the oncoming lane. That's why despite the comforts of Northern California Driving, you must always be aware of those folks they can ruin your day.


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