Friday, June 17, 2005

I think I'm on to something

I think I'm on to something after speaking with this nice couple who told me the story of being dreadheads who followed the Dead, then a local SO Cal band called cubinsis (Sp?), then they were doing Rainbow gatherings. Nothing surprising so far!?! Well the story goes on to the metamorphosis stage of cutting the dreads and trying to fit into society. They both have struggled adapting to the strains of finding work and making a living. Recounting my own Grateful Dead experience, I remember when Jerry died I basically, said to myself, o.k. now it's time to finish school and get a real job, tens years of slinging burritos and cold beer was over! So there was my own transition and infiltration into the system which still continues to be a long strange trip. While I can see the part about selling your soul to capitalism, I also see it as a growing period in which the byproduct is change and change comes in all kinds of ridiculous packaging, from short hair punching the clock to getting trapped into conversations in which the person speaking to you assumes that you are conservative, Christian and Republican!
Stress from this transition brings one back to the old ways,....and there is a lot of stress in this transition,...old ways,....packing the bong and taking bong hits until you forget where you work!


Blogger closetdeadhead said...

Hi... loved the post. Makes me think you'd enjoy Closet Deadhead, my podcast. Check it out at -- Sam Whitmore

2:48 PM  
Blogger jahjahfue said...

Thanks Sam, I especially like the podcast on Brent, who I just adored and missed. Also thanks for introducing me to the whole podcast concept! Tell me how does one like yourself come about finding this blog?

6:49 AM  

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