Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Too baked to write

It's been a while since I've entered anything here. That is because I have been too baked to write as I push the limits of my marijuana consumption. Over the weekend I drank so much bhang that I literally passed out for three hours during mid day. Mostly it's been herb but alcohol sneaks in now and again. I visited Santa Cruz and just had to drink a Pale Ale from Seabright brewery. I had a BBQ yesterday with this clan of alcoholic school administrators. No I didn't want to drink but you would be seen as a communist if you didn't, besides it's hard enough being vegetarian with this crowd let alone sober! So I drank two beers,...and was forced to have a margarita. In the past, I would have welcomed to have all this free alcohol but now I hate it and I especially hate how I cave to such peer pressure. Also I would have bought a beer at the store to drink while I drove home, but this time around all I thought about was how when I got home I would smoke mass amounts of green bud to overcome the slight buzz of alcohol. Funny thing about the BBQ, I saw this bowl of chocolate covered something, so I ate a couple, I recognized the flavor but it somehow registered under a nut, it wasn't until my third handful of these chocolates that I realized they were chocolate covered coffee beans!! When all the alcohol and herb wore off I woke up and here I am,....2:30am on a work night, wide awake, totally sober,...well I'll fix that, I'll smoke up a storm aimlessly do unimportant Internet research then try to crash by 3am.
Gotta go, my bong is calling!


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