Thursday, June 30, 2005

Lay Your Big Spike Down

With visiting nephews, my daily consumption has been impeded, and because it’s difficult I want it more. I’ve been rolling joints on my way home from work but by 8-9pm I’m needing another fix. Last night I went out front and smoked a roach as I was “getting something out of my car” (wink wink nudge nudge). Anyhow I came back in, only to find my nephews who I thought were asleep at the front door. “Do you smell that? They ask. Stoned, I replied,” What smell?!” Hoping they would give me a clue as to how much they know about marijuana smoke. It smells like the exhaust of a motorcycle. “Well a motorcycle did just pass by here.” I lied. They were satisfied and went back to their room, which did reek of the kind skunk roach I smoked. I laid down wondering about my poor neighbor whose windows are near the laundry room (where I usually puff at home). They get that smell 24/7 I wonder what they think the smell is. No one could possibly smoke that much?!?! I also wondered about keeping the big secret from my kids as they get older, deceitfulness has no place in any relationship. Smoking in the car is a time bomb, I can’t rely on that, did I tell you about the time I had to drive a fellow employee to get his car? That was too close and to this day I wonder if he knew what he was smelling but didn’t say anything,…don’t you hate that?


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