Monday, June 27, 2005

Jah Blessings

Summer is Here and the Time is Right,..for dancin' in the streets! I've been noticing a lot of Yin Yang things lately. Planting seeds need light to grow but darkness to sprout, fresh Green turns to black ash, pot smoking school administrator,....
I would bore you with my daily consumption herb herb and well,...more herb. In fact, I'm averaging 14 grams of buds and about 21 grams of shake for bhang each month. It's like part of my monthly bills I pay. Fortunately I have the connect who charges me cost which is often way subsidized,..I call it the brothren discount.
Well I was watching Step Into Liquid a surf video which has this part where this dude has surfed everyday for the last 15,000 days or so. He lived near Half Moon Bay and discussed his surfing obsession and the mental benefits,..his speech was really slow, like I thought "watch out for the brown acid" kind of slow. Anyhow, he had all his wax, wetsuits and surfboards since he has been surfing (30 years+). When he said he was a school custodian I thought we shared something together (working at a school) and while I haven't surfed everyday,....I slipped into a day dream high on bhang,...There I was on the silver screen, a movie about pot smoking,.."Yeah I've been high everyday for the last 20 years, here are all my bongs, pipes, one hitters, sneak-a-tokes, hookas, chillums, etc,....Yeah, getting high each day makes me connect with nature and really eases my soul, even the worse days are not so bad when you're super irie."
Perhaps text doesn't give my story justice without seeing the video,..go out and check it out!
Jah Blessings
Oh Yeah, I got so high on Bhang at Six Flags Marine World and it brought me back to the days of taking acid at Disneyland,...way fun.


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