Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Self Medication

From time to time, I go to a counselor just to check in with someone else's perspective. I prefer to keep my own but I'm easily entertained by others diagnosis. Apparently, this counselor believes I have ADD and should be treated with Atterol (sp?). My drug use is self medicating behavior and once I'm on other drugs I will no longer need to take my current drugs? I found it interesting as I prefer the sedative drugs and sedative music. With ADD they give you some high powered amphetamine. I say, wow that's interesting legal speed, I should be better able to complete assignments with that. However, I said if it doesn't work should we try the sedative route? The counselor said, "no because that would lead to addiction." I replied, "What's wrong with addition?" I love tweeking out counselors.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's that Easy

You go to the doctor's office, I prefer the "Doc in the Box" kind of places where they really don't get to know you, they simply turn over the patients as fast as possible. It's a drug store in disguise, they even know which pharmacy has the shortest wait. I hurt my rib snowboarding, I think it's broken, I'm having problems breathing because it hurts so bad. They check your oxygen count and reassure you that nothing is punctured. They Xray you, only to share with you how they really can't tell much on rib xrays especially fractures, the curve in your ribs convolutes the photo xray with ribs criss crossing all over the place. The doctor says, while it's hard to tell judging by your reported pain, it must be a fracture. Fractures can take up to 8 weeks to heal, and are a very common snowboarding injury (downhill edge). The only thing you can do is ice it and medicate. The script Extra Strength Vicodin, horse tablet size,....40 in all with one automatic refill!