Thursday, February 08, 2007

Toothless Wonder

I've been trying out this medication for ADHD called Adderal. It is quite the medicine for the 21st century. My work productivity is up, my attitude is up, and well I'm up almost every night. I have no urges to smoke herb but when faced with another restless night, I puff steady until the hits feel like N2O. I crave alcohol but that seems to be a result of not eating and needing quick and easy calories. A part of me wants to bail on this but each day I wake up, I want to take my pill because I'm so damn efficient while on it, also I worry about the withdrawal. Something being so damn good and from a chemical source leads me to believe that it is harsh on your system when you quit. I worry about being a tweeker as the medicine has such a speed vibe, coupled with a few bong hits, I found myself shopping at the Grocery Outlet (A store that specializes in cheap outdated food products, at your own risk!) buying a fucking Christmas edition Snickerbar with a quart of Gatorade flavored as "ice" which looked like some funky antifreeze liquid. So like any great drug the more you talk about it the more you want it, so I'll cut this short and go pop another Adderal and finish up that Gatorade and eat the other snicker for breakfast.


Blogger True American said...

Boy oh boy... I came across this by accident and this if this is what our proud country is coming too then we may as well sit back and let teh terrerisst blow the whole damn thing up. Take a look at yourself and what your doin to your contry you cant fight the fight if your all drugged up. This great contry needs everyone they can get under this gret flag of ours. If god could only grant us one more term for Gorge w Bush theis world would be cleaned up and you would be off those drugs probably helping us out at one of the Republican conbentions.

God bless this great country and god help you.

USA #1

12:50 PM  
Blogger jahjahfue said...

Stop being so fucking stupid, it was Bush who caused all this shit we are dealing with today, it has nothing to do with drugs, unless you consider oil a drug,... in some sense it is!

5:25 AM  

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