Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Self Medication

From time to time, I go to a counselor just to check in with someone else's perspective. I prefer to keep my own but I'm easily entertained by others diagnosis. Apparently, this counselor believes I have ADD and should be treated with Atterol (sp?). My drug use is self medicating behavior and once I'm on other drugs I will no longer need to take my current drugs? I found it interesting as I prefer the sedative drugs and sedative music. With ADD they give you some high powered amphetamine. I say, wow that's interesting legal speed, I should be better able to complete assignments with that. However, I said if it doesn't work should we try the sedative route? The counselor said, "no because that would lead to addiction." I replied, "What's wrong with addition?" I love tweeking out counselors.


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