Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I've been taking 4,000mg of Vitamin C daily to fend off the harvest hack. Of course, slamming beers and taking massive BTs and smoking shake doobs doesn't help fend off the hack but does bring a certain amount of happiness to the whole reality. My man just bro-ed me so hard with his trimmings (half gallon worth) and an ounce of killer herb tincture (It actually works!!). Happy holidays Gratis Free. So I thought, shit when you think about it I spend $1,680 a year feeding my 6 ounce a year habit. It's certainly a symbiotic relationship. Need that cash to feed that jones. I of course, question the reality. Can $1,680 be worth complete happiness for one year? What does my neighbor pay for his happiness?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Round and Round

The joint was jumping going round and round. I feel the warmth of my external hard drive. Who feels it knows it. Slugging cheap Mexican beer trying to be somewhere else. Knowing this is nowhere. Gravity takes its' toll. As I spark another bowl. 'cause I had to dance.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Netty Dread

Fall is my favorite season. Harvest, welcoming cool weather, colors and leaves falling and Jagermeister. I'm enjoying free downloading and searching for music at: http://www.pinkrobert.net/browse.php



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Thursday, November 09, 2006


We have ants, millions of ants, enough to freak out. Ants in the garbage, ants on the floor, ants covering the honey jar, ants on dirty dishes and the coffee grinds spilled in the freezer, turn out to be a massive number of frozen ants. They are everywhere, we have to refrigerate and freeze sweets to keep the ants away. Despite the fact they are an annoyance and in mass numbers, freak me out they have another side which I observed. They are small little black ants with a mission. They are cooperative, hard working and strong compared to body mass. Why would they annoy anyone? They don’t bite, they stay in a pretty tight line? Then I thought, what would happen if they received some second hand smoke? So I conducted an experiment but by the time I was exhaling I swore I saw them do the cha cha, a real quick back and forth kind of move. Then during the next session, I started seeing them in a 3 dimensional telephoto zoom kind of way, and by the time they were breathing and bubbling with the rhythm of my our breath, I called it quits, in fact I forgot why I had successfully hot boxed the garage. I stepped over the line of ants and went back inside my house.