Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just Say N2O

So my son has this dental work and I recommended N2O. The dentist said fine but he recommended that my pregnant wife not be in the room while the N2O was flowing. This of course interested me. I was expecting to feel something, but all I felt was a rage of jealousy as my son sat there smiling from ear to ear with his bubble gum scented nose piece. I got a weird look from the dentist when I coached my son to hit it deep, big deep breath, all through the nose baby! When they all stepped out for a minute, I was hella tempted to hit it but I figured my son would narc me out. I told the story to my office staff, but was quite cautious not to elude that I indeed love N2O, just that they used it on my son. When 2 out of the 3 employees commented how they love N2O, I figured that I really shouldn't be too concerned about enjoying yourself or that I'm quite blessed to work with these like minded folks!