Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Blissful Eternity in Death

The whole idea is that we must drop all social norms and comparisons and points of reference. Disregard and let go of all the concepts of what you should of, would of, could of, done or been. It is what it is, your own movie, sit back and relax. There is tremendous room to experience life's unfolding events, experience them while they occur and pass away. Movement through life happens within a vast space. Whatever happens in one's lifetime, luck, misfortune, pain, joy, birth, death. Whether you're stoned or sober experience them completely, without philosophical and political overlays, or judging attitudes to make things seem what they are not.
In life we are trapped, only in our minds, because there are endless opportunities for creating new pathways, exploring one's creative mind, taking on new challenges, and there are many more opportunities yet unknown in the total improvisation of life. When you let go of your ego and free your mind, you begin to see it just as it is. Letting go of your ego has the quality of becoming a solid spiritual being having a human experience. With this new full range of transcendental bliss, it is possible to experience the uniqueness and vividness of life, but remember this beingness is not based on stoney thoughts, fantasies, norms, or fears, it just is.