Monday, January 23, 2006

Buddha Butta

Attachment, that is what it is. I leave a conference early so I can go home and eat butter and calm the nerves of my impatient self. I don't need eurythmy, I need an ice col' BT, even the traveling Monk brought about great anxiety which resulted in a chunk of butter getting sandwiched between Oreos. Couple hits of Visine, I was soon able to look as if I've lived in India all my life. And the madness of work bringing about sobriety on the stoniest days, just to get the work done I celebrate and burn another one. And when I wake up in he middle of the night and ramble along, I finish the roach and unload the head full of ideas. Attached I am, is their more than one way to reach Nirvana? Can we Lobsang, obtain merits by obtaining happiness through your attachment? Which gives out first your lungs or liver? Doesn't matter because one minute of fear is 60 seconds of happiness lost.


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