Saturday, January 07, 2006


You know it was quite an experiment to send me to a stress free over the top vacation in Asia,...without herb. I drank like a fish and loved it. I returned home and haven't had a drink since. I only craved a glass of cool crisp chardonnay once since my return. In the meantime, I hit the website to see which shows I missed downloading while on my vacation. My wife was certain that I was going to hit the herb first thing. When she shared her thought, I thought, you're right, but I couldn't see going out to a cold dark garage at 1am to look for the box of goodies I packed away prior to the trip. I did recall the curiously strong herb butter I made prior to the trip. I sandwiched a slab of butter with some chocolate and munched it down. It was smooth and rich, definitely ganja butter overtones. The high was outstanding, I could never ride it out though, the butter would put me right out. This became an important discovery,... a cure for jet lag! I continued the use of the butter chunks, not even bothering to thaw it out, just straight up curiously strong green butter chunks! Chocolate was nice but it worked just as well with bread and carrot cake! Thanks to the butter chunks, I have been in the best moods despite the harsh work transition, vicious jet lag, and cold wet weather! I feel totally replenished, I can smell the THC in my fat cells!


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