Thursday, December 22, 2005

Vodka in Hong Kong

So I go out drinking with my brother in Hong Kong. Downtown Hong Kong is electric at night. They are doing up Christmas more so than in the states, and for a Monday night it is hopping. I didn't break the news to my bro that I don't really drink anymore. I'm a fulltime herb smoker and being away from it I must rely on pain pills and sleeping pills to achieve similar effects, although pills don't even compare, I miss my herb stock. The first place we go to doesn't even serve beer and wine, just premium liquor. I go with a Vodka Cranberry, cranberry for my liver, vodka for the fact it doesn't really give me a hangover. The next place, jello shots, that's right jello shots in Hong Kong, granted we had to go into a dive where 80's music was blaring and fat older white dudes were openly groping on these Asian women, who for the life of me couldn't figure out, weather they were hanging with them for free drinks, a chance of getting married, or perhaps they were already getting paid for the date itself, nonetheless, it made me sick to see. Then we hit this place where you wear fur coats, step inside a walkin freezer set at 15 degrees and order Vodka shots. I asked for Jagermeister but there was an actual menu of 100's of kinds of Vodka. That was unique but knarly because I am not a straight alcohol drinker, freezer or not, it's burly. By this time I'm getting fuzzy, a street vender comes to me with all kinds of trippy LCD lighted shit, as if there was a rave happening, the lit up penis catches my eye, I feel like I'm dosed. We go into another place, I keep drinking Vodka, by the end of the night I am tanked trying to carry on a conversation. Yuk! I hate liquor! I pass out in the taxi and arrive at my place. It's a 5 star kind of place that hires people to open up the massive glass door at all hours of the night. I stumble into bed and wake the next morning trying to hide my hangover as my wife and kids wake way too early, and we get up to bust a day trip to this island where this massive Buddha chills.


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