Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Nearly Toasted

So I decided the drug laws in China and Thailand were just not worth the risk of taking the doctor recommended pot brownies. I hit the road with my family gobbling down toast with pot butter. When I got to San Fran Airport, I was so high that I figured, what's the risk of a couple pieces of toast that look like foul smelling pesto? Upon going through the security, my bag was screened once again, a sweat broke out down my back, then a ton of security came over to me and my bag. I was baked and thinking they wanted to check out the ganja toast. "Do you have any sharp objects in your bag?" "No" I responded, wanting to go on with, "But look man I'm a medical marijuana user and the toast has been prescribed!" They opened my backpack while more security came over checking me out. I could feel the sweat trickling down my back. Out came a bag of apples with a sharp paring knife used to cut the apples. I really didn't know it was in there because my wife told me to pack snacks, I just threw stuff into my bag from the car. Then a very official man came to me and explained how he was going to have to confiscate the knife. Big deal, but don't take the toast!


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