Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas Season

Christmas season has usually began the day after Thanksgiving, this year however I noticed a few stores skipping Thanksgiving altogether and hitting Christmas right after Halloween. I'm traditionally a bah Humbug but there is always a moment in which I really get hit with the warm fuzziness of the Christmas season.
This year it happen last weekend, I exchanged gifts with my man who wrapped up a garage bag full of shake from his harvest while I scored him a bunch of bootlegged DVD videos. My first gift,...I took a handful of this bright green shake and made a strong batch of Bhang. While at the farmers market 30 minutes later I heard a train but it wasn't really the sound of a train nor did trains run in the area. I thought damn I'm pretty high to be hearing things,...just then a wave of bikers came rolling down the street, each Harley had a gift strapped to the bike. During the fifteen minutes we watched the parade of bikes with gifts it dawned on me how each bike was making a difference and the fact that there was well over 1,000 bikers this was truly the spirit of Christmas, giving to the less fortunate. I began to cry thinking how beautiful everything was, I looked over at my wife who was hit with the same emotion, we laughed at our sappiness but both agreed how cool it was that all these bikers were doing something like that. Here I am going to Thailand for Christmas, stressing on how I will get high while being in a country with oppressive drug laws. While the majority of kids may or may not even get a gift for Christmas. Granted Christmas is not about consumerism but how can you get away from that evil force? Long story short I had a moment and that's what the Christmas season is all about. Meanwhile I'm getting high every chance I get and toying with various pharmaceuticals, a wonderful to spend time during the holidays.


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