Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The first time I got high I was in elementary school around my 6th grade year. I stole some shake and papers from my stepdad and had another student roll it up for Jesse and I. We went into the bushes and smoked the whole joint during recess! The irony of course is that neither one of us knew that you had to inhale, and coupled with the swaggy shake, we could only pretend that we were high. Then, during my eighth grade year my friend and I were riding on this float during a local Christmas parade. The float was sponsored by some church group that I did not belong to but it was an opportunity to ride in a parade which was big by my a standards,...back then. SO another friend rides his bike up to the float and asks us if we wanted to get high, my friend and I jumped right off the float, just like that! This friend had the connection, his mom was a housecleaner who cleaned this one house that had a mason jar full of kind purple bud. I know the details because we later went on to breaking into the house (thanks to his mom's keys) and taking herb (Bad Karma). Well we all went off and smoked a joint, I was boasting that Marijuana doesn't effect me but I had learned how to inhale since my 6th grade experience. No sooner than I said those words, I was overcome by the realization of being extremely high! In fact I kind of panicked because I wasn't coming down anytime soon and the parade had long since finished. I remember zoning out for hours and having weird sensations over time, it moved too fast as I moved too slow. Needless to say, from that point on like most drugs, I was hooked and the next day I was looking for a repeat experience.
Last night I got home and did the usual, bonghits, and herbal cocktails. Herbal cocktails of Kava Kava, Skullcap, St John's Wort, California Poppy, and daddy's little pill 5-HTP. It's a weird high because the herbs play with your brain just as the herb. I found myself being chased and chasing my boys all around the house, being playful and naked. Being high really opens my heart and gives me the ability to stay present, laugh and play. Too bad there is a war over this wonderful herb.


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