Sunday, October 16, 2005

Spare change for a hippie?

So I am stressing on work, getting high, being present, stressing on work, getting high, being present. At the present I am reminded of the movie the beautiful mind as I walk into the computer room of my house. This small room is my space when it comes to my true great hobbie, searching for and downloading music and music videos, 24/7. I have stacks upon stacks of cdrs and dvds across the desk with Sharpies everywhere. Stacks and stack of school work skattered in piles across the room, get the picture?
I've been getting high and ODing in the seratonin levels with hot baths, hayden, early pink floyd, Ben and Jerrys, Green Tea, home alone, peace,....ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
You are who you are when you are with yourself.


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