Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jah Rastafari

I feel so high right now I can even touch the sky, I come again, gotta have Kaya now Kaya Kaya.

So the doctor visit went well tonight. When asked how can I help you? I went right into the whole story of being a pro, from 20 years of touring with the Dead to puffing down an average of an eighth a week as a professional adult married with kids. He relates, and tells me about his own history and current "balance" with "cannabis." I couldn't believe my ears! He explained it may be the only thing that works with my constitution. He really assured me that "cold turkey" wasn't necessary and that I didn't have to suffer. He suggested tapering off or just doing just enough daily, less and less. Just when he got the coolest doctor award ever, I explained my anxiety about going to Thailand this winter and having nothing to rely on. He first said, "In some places Thai people can even sell you magic mushrooms in an omelet, it's all over the place, usually in food places." My Foders Thailand book mention none of that! I explain I'm not really into pharmaceuticals, everything else makes me feel sick, except, I do enjoy Soma. He offers a prescription but warns it's highly addictive, instead he tells me of this marijuana homeopathic medicine. Being a non-believer in homoeopathy, I say "Is it over the counter?" "No, it is through prescription only" he replies. I'm silently trying to figure the logistics when he says, "it really works." Then before I could ask, he says the following magic words, what I've been waiting wishing for, like a dream come true, a milestone in life's accomplishments,..............."I will prescribe Cannabis under prop 215 and you can be legal and I can send you the homeopathic marijuana to try out."
I celebrated by screaming, hooting and hollering throughout the house as I ran to the closet and packed a fresh one. Jah Rastafari, guide and protect, give thanks and praises!


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