Monday, September 05, 2005


I saw a T-shirt someone was wearing, said," I love(heart) Vicodine" I don't really care for Vicodine but I did think the shirt was awesome. Which led me to Bubba's suggestion of Jahjahfue T-shirts. What would it say? I love Ganja - jahjahfue. How about "Team jahjahfue?" or "who feels it knows it,...jahjahfue"
The weird thing is that the word fue in Spanish means he/she left or has gone. Jah meaning God to some, together with fue,...we are talking about God is gone and or better yet, Jesus has left the autorium. Where did Jahjahfue come from? I think I heard Alpha Blondie sing out, "jah jah fue!" and it just stuck. You kind of have to smoke herb and know Spanish to get a sense of what jahjahfue means. But that's all literal.
Figuratively, what does jahjahfue mean? Perhaps it is the spirit of getting high with the spirit herb allowing us to exit the current reality. What does it mean to you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to get one of your photos when you had long hair and and I'll turn it into a B&W photo like the one with Che Guevara.

- Drug User

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