Friday, August 05, 2005

Poppy Tea

What makes you sick makes you better. Everything I drink the tea I fell sick to my stomach for hours afterwards. A small price to pay for an unbelievable high which reminds me of mushrooms in the sick whoa kind of feeling. I'm under water fighting the tidal swells of my brain, communicating with people is an act in itself, Pulp Fiction. I've been on it in an effort to reduce my consumption of herb, but that didn't last as I figured a puff now and again on the tea makes the high rush into a peaking state even after hours of being high. Get the poppies on eBay, grind them, and put them in hot water like for tea, don't boil just steep for 10 minutes. I try to eat prior to reduce the nausea. It comes on in 30 minutes or so and lasts for at least five hours. Total mental vacation, wear dark shades, funky shirts and play it up like a functional junkie.


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