Friday, July 22, 2005

You know you have good herb when,...

You know you have good herb when,...
You can't remember why you logged onto the Internet.
You enjoy mudane chores.
You pull up and don't remember driving.
You wake up to take a piss in the middle of the night and you decide to take a bonghit

and with the latest herb,...

You book a flight for your family to go to Kauai for a week when you don't even have enough money to buy a used car to drive to work.
You book a hotel near San Francisco Airport when your flight actually leaves Oakland Intl. Airport some 40 minutes away.
You know you can pull off cheap accomodations with your wife and two kids by either sleeping in the rental car or beach camping.
You wake up in the middle of the night panicing over the best way to praise Jah while getting through airport security. My wife says, buy it there and I say, make mass quantities of goo balls!

Aloha-Jah Guide and Provide

PS My summer intake has made me feel like I have enough resin in my lungs to stone a village. Ingestation is great when shake is available but have you ever experienced a brownie during summer temps 100+ degrees?! I crave alcohol and enjoy torturing myself by studying the beer selection at any given store, mentally purchasing and pricing out what I want, and then I walk away, even when my wife says, get a beer if you're gonna stand there for fifteen minutes! I love the torment and feel a sense of self efficacy when I can turn away.


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