Sunday, July 03, 2005

Resign to resin

Happiness is:
not a warm gun,...but the hot summer sun
Getting irie having fun

It had been a while since I had the opportunity to smoke an entire joint without worries about sneeking around and smoking and driving. Under a shade tree in a bench swing viewing the family garden. Flowers and vegetables appear to sprout out of the green backyard lawn. Probably 100 degrees and the first smoke in over 20 hours. The joint started leaking resin towards the roach, it had been a while. Chillin' blowing out the last resinous hits down to my cat Nesta, (Bob Marley's middle name) the Lion of Judah who has been seeing this scene since his kitten days when I was able to literally hot box a single wide trailer!
I went in to freshen up as everyone was soon to return when,..I smiled in the mirror and there it was,... the glob o' resin right on my front tooth! Close call!


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