Saturday, July 02, 2005

Family Vacation

AAhhhhhh stoned again and at last! Having family guests stay at your home is hard for the user. In fact I first tried to see it as a positive thing, like it's a good way to cut down on smoking herb (besides I made up a big batch of bhang), but after the bhang ran out I found myself rolling and smoking spliffs on the way home, being sure to stop at some random place to scrub the marijuana smell off my fingers, hit the Clear Eyes, and pop in a Jolly Rancher. I started feeling like I was back in time as a high schooler getting home to my parents house. Then the doob would wear off right around the time your trying to go to bed, leaving me stay up obsessing on rolling a fatty which I end up doing around the time you think everyone is asleep.
The other night the family members were all right by the front door to greet me after smoking the roach from the drive home. "There is this weird smoke entering our room." I quickly respond,"Yeah I smell that from time to time." wondering if I reek or if they are going to call my bluff. "I think it's the exhaust on these new kind of motocycles." my family member says and they all retreat back to their guest room. I stay awake wondering about the motocycle comment, wondering if they really knew and were fucking with me or that they are that out there to consider a quiet neighborhood might have exotic motocycles cruising at 11 pm smoking up the neighborhood. hummm I think I was right back as I was a teenager, asking the same questions of my parents.
What's really funny about all this is that I packed away all the smoking utensils so I'm just rolling doobs left and right, typically while I drive around and around in my neighbor smoking while going to the postoffice (wink wink nudge nudge). I'm so bad off that I find myself pleading with my wife, "please take them somewhere anywhere just for 30 minutes, please. I successfully got my wife to agree to a couple hours tomorrow while I whip up a batch of brownies,...she hates to see me in this condition.
See my habit is just that, I get high and try to stay high, only at work do I refrain, so while high it's like a script for an attitude adjustment and personality type transformation, super irie, super blessed, super positive, super mellow and patient,..Yes I. So outside family pretty much bumms my high when they stay for an extended period of time with no terminal point, as of yet. Furthermore what are my plans this summer,...see family! Even the Oregon Country Fair will be enjoyed with,.....that's right,.family. Don't get me wrong if I didn't love my family I wouldn't visit or invite, it's just this latest visitation and future visitations do force me to look at my habit in a different light. I would love to turn down a beer and say no thanks I just get high now, imagine the looks on their faces.
So I woke tonite around midnight feeling herb deprived and thinking about how earlier I was able to unpack my glass bubbler out of the garage without anyone catching me and for old time sakes, I stashed it down my underwear and hurried into my room, but wasn't able to smoke any because everything was hectic and impossible for me to disappear again. So I got up and rolled seven joints, then packed a fresh skunk bud the exact size of the bowl, and I smoked it outside, blowing the hits straight up into the starry night until I was at that point that lets me know that I'm high, you know where you wonder how long you had been standing around outside smoking and wondering when did you first start hitting the collective resin at the bottom of the glass?, was beautiful, now I will pop some Kava Kava soak in a bathtub. Blessings


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