Friday, August 19, 2005

New Car

I had puffed quite a bit prior to going into the car dealership because I know how sometimes these kinds of places are. While super Irie I not one bit influenced and/or manipulated by car sales people. I check out the cars while some dude goes on and on about how this is the car for me and these cars are selling fast. I check things out while the sales dude chatters about how cool this car is. I ask a simple question what's the capacity? I seem to stump them all,...they quickly read over the window sticker to get the info. I don't tell them but I need to know about how many bowls it would take to hotbox the car. I consider puffing a few bowls while I take it out for a spin to really test the capacity, but with this recent herb I got,....the dude would think I ran over a skunk.


Blogger BUBBA said...

I want a JahJahFue T-Shirt. Man - I love reading your posts! I think about you a lot.


9:49 PM  

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